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Traducciones Open is a specialized and exclusive B2B translation and interpreting company, i. e. it provides its services to other companies and professionals. And it covers all the multilingual translation requirements a company may need.

We have a team of professional translators who are native speakers in their target language and specialized in different fields. This allows us to cover multiple sectors, ranging from legal or financial to human resources, commercial and marketing.

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Nuances are important in a professional environment.

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Because something more is needed.
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  • Simple
  • 0,085€*
  • They do not need to be legalized/sworn. This is the case for most texts, such as technical documentation, presentations, brochures and catalogues, etc.
  • Sworn
  • 0,14€**
  • Conducted by an official translator authorized for this purpose by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Interpreting
    half-day session
  • 450,00€
  • Both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
    for conferences, lectures, presentations and business meetings....
  • Text
  • Ask us
  • Because, translating is not the same as localizing a text.
    Localization is based on idioms and linguistic twists.
  • *basic price for a simple English-Spanish translation. **basic price for an English-Spanish sworn translation