|Deadlines for text translation

Standard delivery:

Standard translation services consist on 2,500 words translated per working day with a minimum delivery time of 48 Hours or more, depending on the volume, after placing an order.

Urgent translation:

It is twice as fast as usual: 5,000 wordds are translated per working day.
The delivery time will therefore be half.
The urgency surcharge is 20%.

Express translation:

We can adjust to your requirements.
For services that require delivery within a shorter than urgent deadline, regardless of its length.
For this type of translation the surcharge will be 50%.

|Indicative table of delivery schedules and surcharges

Words Standard delivery Urgent Express
0 to 2.500 48 Hours (2 Days) 24 Hours (1 Día) 20% 50%
2.501 to 5.000 72 Hours (3 Days) 36 Hours (1,5 Days)
5.001 to 7.500 96 Hours (4 Days) 48 Hours (2 Days)
7.501 to 10.000 120 Hours (5 Days) 60 Hours (2,5 Days)
10.001 to 12.500 144 Hours (6 Days) 72 Hours (3 Days)
12.501 to 15.000 168 Hours (7 Days) 84 Hours (3,5 Days)
From 15.001 Depending on the extension Depending on the extension

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